Adventures in 3D Printing – Ep2

The Tale of Two Exhausts…

A while back, my Friend Brian had a minor incident with his 1/4 scale TBM P-40.  Though, it didn’t result in any physical damage to the airplane, it did result in an impact to the “stand way off scale” exhausts on one side.  Being made of thin plastic, they ended up crushed and unsalvageable.  We originally thought we’d make a quick plug and do some resin castings, but as we looked at the exhausts more, we realized just how out of scale they really were and how much they just didn’t look right at all.  So, enter the 3D printer!  Within a few days, we were able to draw and print some replacements that came out awesome!  Before we begin, if you’ve not read my Q&A on 3D printing, you can read that here to get a better understanding of the process and materials.  Also, if you’d like to see video of this P-40 in action I’ve embedded the video from my YouTube channel at the bottom of this article.  Don’t forget, if you are looking for help with some 3D printing, I can help!  Just shoot me an email through my contact form.

p40 exhaust printing-1

A comparison of the stock exhausts to the final 3D printed exhausts

The CAD Model

First things first, we had to make a CAD model of the exhausts.  In looking at the original plastic exhausts, they were completely out of scale.  We used the basic dimensions as a starting point, but then Continue reading

How to Build an RC Jet – Part 6

Finishing Fiberglass – Let’s finish that dorsal!


Last time we finished up construction of our rudder/dorsal assemblies and built our offset rudder hinge.  So, now it’s time to clean these assemblies all up and make them as ready as they can be to be installed onto the fuselage.  The installation of the dorsal onto the fuselage will occur once all of the construction of the fuse is finished however.  The primary reason for this is so that all work on the fuselage can be done without the dorsal being in the way as the fuselage is rotated around while it’s worked on.

Primer – Sand…repeat, repeat, repeat…
With the dorsal and rudders being glassed (see Part 5 for that discussion), the first item of business is to start the Continue reading

Adventures in 3D Printing – Ep1

Wait, I can do what?!

3D printing is something that I have been playing with for some time and in one word, it is awesome!  Though as a technology, it has been around for a really long time, only within the last few years has it become an accessible tech for most folks.  The reason being that the prices of machines have come down dramatically allowing folks access to something that was otherwise cost prohibitive.  Also, there are commercial companies now that focus on 3D printing for non-industrial folks like us, plus one can now own a 3D printer for under $1000.    So, this is an exciting time as this awesome technology grows in popularity and becomes better and better!

JHH Mirage Turkey Feathers Comparison

Comparison of the 3D Printed turkey feathers on my JHH Mirage IIIRS to the full size.

As we are going through the Skyray build, 3D printing is something I’m using quite a bit for detailing.  I first started seriously experimenting with it on my mirage pushing it to the extent of fully printing the exhaust section turkey feathers.  So, with that in mind Continue reading