Wings Over Prado 2015

The Wings Over Prado Wrap-up Report


If you’ve never been to an RC airplane event, you should go to one, even if it’s just to spectate.  It’s a great time where pilots hang out and share their love of RC.  Not to mention, you get full access to an RC field for 2-4 straight days to get in as much flying as your thumbs can handle!  April 24-26, 2015 was the Wings Over Prado event hosted by the Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club (PVMAC) at the Prado airpark near Chino, CA.  They have a world class venue with a gorgeous 800 ft paved runway and tons of wide open sky to tear up.  Plus, for you single guys, there’s a women’s prison down the road if you’re looking for a date!

I attended the event Friday and Saturday taking what video and pictures I could when I wasn’t flying or shooting the breeze with friends.  Unfortunately, the weather those days wasn’t ideal, but that didn’t stop us from getting in the flying we wanted!  The winds Continue reading