E-Flite F-4 Phantom II Assembly & Flight Review

E-Flite’s Phabulously Phantastic Phlying Phantom…wait, was that excessive? ūüėČ

This week we’re looking at the¬†E-Flite’s F-4 Phantom II.¬† The F-4 is an unmistakable airplane and E-flite has put together a really nicely engineered kit here that flies great!¬† Also, it’s another jet with SAFE select, so this adds to the growing number of EDFs with this as an option if that’s something you’re looking for.

The F-4 is an iconic airplane with a colorful history that served for quite a long time with a number of different countries.¬† It was produced for over 20 years and the last US F-4 drone was only just retired back in 2016.¬† Though it wasn’t designed as such, the F-4 could technically be considered the first JSF since it was the first jet fighter to serve in all three branches of the military.¬† It started out with the Navy as the F-4B.¬† Catching the eye of the Air Force they decided to make a few mods and then started flying the F-4C and then later the F-4E of course.¬† Well, the funny thing is, the Navy took note of some of the F-4C mods and incorporated those into what became the F-4J and later the F-4S.¬† Obviously, this is an oversimplification‚Ķbut the C and J models have a number of similarities.


Pulling the airplane from the box, you are met with a nice smooth airframe with a nice low parts count.¬† It’s impressive in fact considering the complexity that could be with the F-4 airframe.¬† As a whole, the is engineered extremely well.¬† The parts count is low and everything aligns so there’s not guess work on the alignment anywhere, most notably Continue reading