2020 Giveaway! – Seagull Models P-47D ‘Little Bunny’ with Himark Electric Retracts

2020 GIVEAWAY! (See “How to Enter” Section to enter!)

I have to say, since the start of this blog and YouTube channel, it has been an incredible journey.  The people I’ve met and helped, the friends I’ve made and the opportunities it’s brought have been absolutely amazing.  It is all because of you guys and I want to say thank you to all of you who follow along across all my social channels.  My whole goal in starting this site was and always will be to help folks in the hobby with quality information on building, finishing, setting up models, etc. and I will continue to do so for as long as I can.

So, as a thank you, in conjunction with Legend Hobby, we are giving away a new in box Seagull Models P-47D ‘Little Bunny’ ARF with Himark electric retracts!  This is a model that I’ve recently completed that I’ve thoroughly been enjoying.  It is a nice looking and well-built ARF that lends itself great to any type of power system (I opted for electric).  Here are a few pics along with my first flights video.  My assembly review will be posting soon, so be on the lookout for that on my YouTube channel! (entry info below video)



Please use the form below to enter.  The contest starts today and ends at 7:00 PM Oct 29.  The winner will be announced on my YouTube channel on 9:45am Friday Oct 30.  It is completely free to enter and there are multiple ways to enter as well…More entries means more chances to win!  Also, a customized link is provided to send to your friends that provides even more entries if they enter using that link.  So, good luck to all of you and thank you for entering!  A huge thank you to Legend Hobby for this amazing donation.  Be sure to check out their website and Facebook page for more info on the kit and to see the great assortment of models that they offer.

Seagull Models P-47D Razorback From Legend Hobby


I’m really excited to let you in on the most recent arrival into the shop, the all new Legend Hobby 86″ A-1 Skyraider.  This is a model I’ve known about from its inception that I’ve been extremely excited for!  The Skyraider (also known as the “Spad”) is a massive propeller aircraft design that could carry an incredible amount of ordnance and is an airplane that I’ve always had a fascination with ever since seeing Diego Lopez and Gene Barton compete with theirs at the US Scale Masters when I was a kid.  This Legend Hobby offering is such a badass model and captures the lines of the Spad perfectly!  So, we will be starting this one very soon and I hope you will enjoy following along on the process!  Here are a few mockup pics.  I can’t wait to start! 🙂


29 thoughts on “2020 Giveaway! – Seagull Models P-47D ‘Little Bunny’ with Himark Electric Retracts

  1. Chris,

    It’s always fun and informative to find out what you are building and flying. For a new RC enthusiast, thank you for explaining and taking the time to give details of your project. I aspire to achieve the level of this hobby that you present every week.

    Always enjoy learning “how” to do “it” after watching your videos. Great work and keep it up from a newbie….


  2. My father flew the spad 2 tours in Nam. Recieved the Air Medal covering Bernie Fisher during his Medal of Honor rescue of D. W. Meyers on the short strip after Meyers bellyed his crippled bird. Dad said the strip was hot with V.C. trying to kill or capture both pilots. He made multiple bombing and strafing runs to keep them from reaching his commander and fellow pilot. Allowing Major Fisher to take off with meyers in his cockpit.
    In his honor my handle is Spad Driver and my avatar is a photo of my dad in the cockpit of his A-1E.

  3. Literally going into this knowing I wont win, but its fun to participate in. Love your channel as well, your building skills are next level though.

  4. Hello you guys love all the information and tips on how to make your aircraft better and me as an pilot keep giving us great knowledge and keep us thinking as they say at legend hobby “keep ‘Em “flying love guys and stay safe out there.

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