Comic-Con 2015

Geek Power! (raises fist to the sky with glowing ring on finger followed by numerous lightning flashes)

Though RC is my passion, as the name on this blog indicates, I’m also a geek (I know, shocking, right?!).  Though I’m not a big reader of comic books or graphic novels (I generally read for research), I love many of the comic book characters and thoroughly enjoy the many movies and TV shows that are out.  I’ve researched origin stories and evaluated similarities of film stories to comic book stories and all that nonsense (cue Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds as he declares, “NERD!!”).  So, you can understand my excitement when this year, I had the opportunity to go to one of San Diego’s institutions…Comic-Con!  If you know anything about how tickets are acquired for Comic-Con, being an average Joe like me, tickets seem almost impossible to obtain.  Somehow this year, we made it through and with much excitement by myself (and the rest of my family), we got tickets!

comic-con hulk buster

It was an early, cloud covered Sunday morning of getting to the Trolley station (no way were we going to drive down there!) and picking up our tickets.  We arrived an hour before the doors opened and there were already droves of people flowing towards the convention center.  Surprisingly though, getting our tickets was Continue reading

Warbirds and Classics 2015

The Warbirds and Classics Post Game Report

warbirds 2015 - panoramic

There’s no question that the Scale Squadron of SoCal know how to put on an event.  Originators of the US Scale Masters, they have been putting on scale events since day one as scale is their true passion.  It is no surprise that this years Warbirds and Classics event was no exception!  Running in its ninth year, the event was held at a new location; the OCMA “Bob Swenson” field in Black Star Canyon next to Irvine Lake.  Nestled amongst the hills of Orange County, the runway is a nicely manicured and smooth stone composite material that is as hard as asphalt.  There had been some light rains a few weeks prior and so the surrounding scenery was lush with green grass and native California shrubbery.  Add to that Continue reading

Wings Over Prado 2015

The Wings Over Prado Wrap-up Report


If you’ve never been to an RC airplane event, you should go to one, even if it’s just to spectate.  It’s a great time where pilots hang out and share their love of RC.  Not to mention, you get full access to an RC field for 2-4 straight days to get in as much flying as your thumbs can handle!  April 24-26, 2015 was the Wings Over Prado event hosted by the Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club (PVMAC) at the Prado airpark near Chino, CA.  They have a world class venue with a gorgeous 800 ft paved runway and tons of wide open sky to tear up.  Plus, for you single guys, there’s a women’s prison down the road if you’re looking for a date!

I attended the event Friday and Saturday taking what video and pictures I could when I wasn’t flying or shooting the breeze with friends.  Unfortunately, the weather those days wasn’t ideal, but that didn’t stop us from getting in the flying we wanted!  The winds Continue reading