The Random Servo Motion Generator (RSMG) Controller from The RC Geek

The Random Servo Motion Generator: Automate Pilots, Turrets & More!

I’m happy to introduce the new “Random Servo Motion Generator” (RSMG) controller!  This small board offers a unique solution to pilot animation, scale turret motion or any application where random servo motion is desired for scale effect.  The RSMG is capable of randomly commanding two servos independently while also being able to be switched on and off through a transmitter channel or being setup completely passively through a y-harness, spare receiver channel or external power source.  Three integrated variable resistors allow servo adjustment of the time between motions (frequency), the position window (end points) as well as the servo speed (rate).

This whole idea spawned from having a movable pilot that I picked up from for a T-6 kit and then evolved into the dual function it is now when working on the VQ Warbirds B-24 and realizing the functionality for use on bomber turrets.

Random Servo Motion Generator

Randomly operates 2 servos independently of each other perfect for animated pilots or bomber turrets. Allows programming of the frequency of operation, servo end points, and speed. Additionally can be operated via a switch on a transmitter or completely passively through the transmitter or external power source.

Price : 25