AirHogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon — How to Replace the Battery


If your AirHogs Millennium Falcon Quadcopter battery died like mine, here’s a simple way of replacing the battery while at the same time reducing your charge times AND doubling the flight time!

I’ve been enjoying the AirHogs Millennium Falcon Quadcopter quite a bit since my review of it a couple months ago.  I’ve actually taken it with me to a few RC events for fun and it’s been quite a hit.  Who doesn’t love the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!?  However, after a flight a few weeks ago, the battery just completely died.  I mean, died!  No power to the quad and no voltage from the battery at all!  So, I had a dilemma, do I dare cut into this machine?  I’d had it a while, so I’m sure it was past warranty and without a working battery, all I had was simply a foam desk model.  So I figured at the very least it was worth a shot!

I promptly purchased three 1 cell 750 mah lipo batteries ($3 at Hobby King), pulled out the Xacto and soldering iron, did a little surgery and we were back in business!  To top it all off, the quad now has a hatch where I’m now able to swap out batteries which means less down time between flights (more fun!) AND the flight times have more than doubled since I’m using a larger capacity battery.  So, here’s a quick article and video showing Continue reading

AirHogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

A few days ago in a department store quite close by…

Note – If you’re having issues with batteries in the Millennium Falcon, I’ve posted a How-to on replacing the battery here.

Star Wars Episode VII is rapidly approaching and with that comes new Star Wars memorabilia and RC vehicles!  September 4 was “Force Friday” which was when all of the new Star Wars toys dropped online and at your local department stores.  While cruising the aisles of my local target last weekend, I came across a gem – the AirHogs RC Millennium Falcon Quad Copter!  Needless to say, I couldn’t resist and so I thought I’d give a short little review of it for anyone on the fence about getting one.  The bottom line – it is expensive but it’s pretty darn awesome!  At last I can try my hand at the Kessel Run!


First of all, out of the box, the quad Millennium Falcon is a pretty awesome piece of RC.  It really does look good and you have 4 proportional channels which is great!  However, retailing at Continue reading