The CenterBurner Simulated Afterburner

CenterBurner Simulated Afterburner Light System

I’m happy to introduce the new “CenterBurner” simulated afterburner system!  This system has been designed to fit many different types of systems.  For Freewing EDFs, it is a drop in replacement for the tail cone.  The “Universal/Inrunner” system simply fastens to the exposed motor behind the fan.  The system includes a custom made PCB populated with 5mm LEDs in a 3D printed ABS cone with a separate programmable controller.  See the video below for more information and installation details.

To order, please select the desired system from the drop down menu and select “add to cart.” Currently we have available 80mm and 90mm options for the Freewing fan with aluminum housing and 80mm and 90mm “Universal/Inrunner” options that fit over 36mm and 39mm diameters respectively.  Lastly, there is a “twin” option which is for a multi-fan system which consists of two CenterBurner units and a single controller.

CenterBurner Simulated Afterburner Light System

CenterBurner simulated afterburner lighting system. This is designed as a tailcone replacement for most EDFs and provides a center "glow" like a full size jet aircraft afterburner.

Recommended controller battery voltage is 7.2V (2s Lipo, 5 NiCd-NiMh). A123 2s and 3s allowed, do not use 3S or higher Lipo.

Currently we offer options for 80mm and 90mm fans (both outrunner and inrunner). The following options are currently available:

  • 70mm EDF Inrunner/Universal (will fit over most interfaces 29mm diameter or smaller)
  • Freewing 80mm EDF Outrunner (e.g. Freewing Mirage 2000, F-14, etc.)
  • 80mm EDF Inrunner/Universal (will fit over most interfaces 36mm diameter or smaller)
  • Freewing 90mm EDF Outrunner (e.g. Freewing F-4 6s, F-16 6s, etc.))
  • 90mm EDF Inrunner/Universal (will fit over most interfaces 39mm diameter or smaller)
  • "Twin" options of all of the above are available which include 2 light boards with a single light controller
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Price : $85