Wings Over Prado 2015

The Wings Over Prado Wrap-up Report


If you’ve never been to an RC airplane event, you should go to one, even if it’s just to spectate.  It’s a great time where pilots hang out and share their love of RC.  Not to mention, you get full access to an RC field for 2-4 straight days to get in as much flying as your thumbs can handle!  April 24-26, 2015 was the Wings Over Prado event hosted by the Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club (PVMAC) at the Prado airpark near Chino, CA.  They have a world class venue with a gorgeous 800 ft paved runway and tons of wide open sky to tear up.  Plus, for you single guys, there’s a women’s prison down the road if you’re looking for a date!

I attended the event Friday and Saturday taking what video and pictures I could when I wasn’t flying or shooting the breeze with friends.  Unfortunately, the weather those days wasn’t ideal, but that didn’t stop us from getting in the flying we wanted!  The winds were up both those days (~10+ mph), but prevailing mostly straight down the runway which made it manageable.  We even got rain on Saturday afternoon!  Again, that didn’t stop us…though the rain ended the event early that day, my dad still enjoyed getting a flight in with his VQ Tri-Pacer in the rain while standing under the announcers tent to stay dry while flying.  It was fun to watch.  So as you can tell, it doesn’t matter the weather, folks come to these events to fly and it is always a great time!

Here are a few of the pictures I took.  I didn’t take many as I was focusing more on video and of course flying!

There is an awesome gallery posted on the PVMAC website of numerous pictures taken by Larry Griffiths.  Here are a few of my favorites.


Lastly, here are a few feature videos on some of the airplanes I enjoyed seeing at the event.

Byron F-15 Twin EDF – Converted to EDF by my friend, this thing is huge and honks around the sky!

118″ Wingspan Ziroli P-38 – The engines weren’t synching great, which made the approach quite difficult.

101″ Span Phoenix Models EMB-312 Tucano Electric

90″ Wingspan Blackhorse Models F4U Corsair

70mm EDF F-20 Tigershark – The HET fan blew while throttling up for a pass (system was pushing 1800 watts) and so it landed deadstick off field. It sustained fairly minimal damage.


Full Size B-25 Fly-Over – On Friday we had the pleasure of watching the B-25 “Pacific Princess” make a few laps overhead. The sound of the airplane was incredible!

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