AirHogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

A few days ago in a department store quite close by…

Note – If you’re having issues with batteries in the Millennium Falcon, I’ve posted a How-to on replacing the battery here.

Star Wars Episode VII is rapidly approaching and with that comes new Star Wars memorabilia and RC vehicles!  September 4 was “Force Friday” which was when all of the new Star Wars toys dropped online and at your local department stores.  While cruising the aisles of my local target last weekend, I came across a gem – the AirHogs RC Millennium Falcon Quad Copter!  Needless to say, I couldn’t resist and so I thought I’d give a short little review of it for anyone on the fence about getting one.  The bottom line – it is expensive but it’s pretty darn awesome!  At last I can try my hand at the Kessel Run!


First of all, out of the box, the quad Millennium Falcon is a pretty awesome piece of RC.  It really does look good and you have 4 proportional channels which is great!  However, retailing at about $115 full retail it is a bit pricey (best I found online currently is Amazon for $88).  I can imagine that Star Wars licensing these days isn’t cheap.


Provided in the box are of course the quad along with the controller, a USB cable and the instructions — have your AA batteries handy as the controller requires 6 AA’s.  The USB cable is provided for charging as it is recommended that it be plugged into a computer on one end and plugged into the controller on the other end when charging the quad.  A charge cable from the controller to the quad is provided in one of the hand grips which plugs into the top of the Millennium Falcon.  I think this is done to bypass the AA batteries for the charging process as I can imagine it would drain the AA’s quickly.  Also, it doesn’t have to be a computer as a phone charger works or even those portable phone charging batteries do the job.  I actually prefer the portable battery as that allows me to take the quad along with me anywhere and charge it even if I’m not near a power source.  The one drawback here is that it takes an hour or more the charge the quad.  Truthfully, with the lithium battery technology these days, there’s no reason for it to take an hour.  Also, there’s no means of changing out the battery and so you’re stuck waiting an hour in between flights — not cool.  Having the ability to swap batteries would have been ideal.

In terms of the construction, the Millennium Falcon is very durable.  The quadcopter construction itself is primarily plastic having a plastic frame and each of the 4 props being shrouded.  The Millennium Falcon body is nicely molded around the quad frame and is made of a durable foam that feels almost like a foam rubber consistency – it’s firm while also pliable and the weight is very light.  What this means is that no matter what the Millennium Falcon may be bumped into, it isn’t going to cause damage to itself or what it may hit…for the most part.



On power up and initialization, the controller makes noise reminiscent of the Millennium Falcon.  Additionally, there are lights in the front (white) and in the back (blue hyperdrive) which add the “cool” factor and also can help with orientation while in flight.  Lastly, the controller has two buttons on the top, one of which provides sounds from the Star Wars movies (for you to have an immersed experience I suppose) and the other acting as the “hyperdrive” for the quadcopter.  The hyperdrive button when pushed while the Millennium Falcon is in flight results in the blue hyperdrive lights flashing followed by a short acceleration forward…I would guess for less than 12 parsecs…

In flight, the Millennium Falcon flies surprisingly well.  It is very stable and having 4 proportional channels you’re able to control all axes of flight which gives you a chance to really have some fun.  It is a toy grade quadcopter and so the responsiveness isn’t the greatest, but I also didn’t expect it to be knowing what I was getting.  That being said, for flying around in your living room, the control I found adequate.  Flying outside in calm conditions is no problem at all too.  Light winds do push it around a bit, but can be manageable depending on how windy it is.  This is where a more responsive quad would do better.  Flight times are about 5 minutes.


Seeing the Millennium Falcon flying around is the coolest part about it.  The way that it maneuvers around really does characterize how the Falcon would seem to fly.  And if you’re new, with some practice, the quad can be hovered easily enough with more advanced maneuvering available later on given the controllability.

One thing I did notice was that the gyros in the quad may seem to drift.  When flying continuously in forward flight, I found that after some time I had the stick fully forward with the quad not traveling forward much at all.  If you find this to be the case, simply landing the Falcon and re-centering the sticks seems to resolve the issue simply enough.  It’s not something that should exist truthfully, but is easily rectified while flying.



The AirHogs Millennium Falcon is no doubt awesome and any Star Wars fan would geek out over it.  It flies well for what it is, but I do find the retail price tag a bit high.  Also, the charge time is a pretty major drawback in my book.  Having the ability to swap out batteries would have been ideal as then you can have a couple batteries available and have a much higher fun to charge time ratio.


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  1. Hey thanks for you review! I was hoping to find out if you’ve had issues with charging? I exhausted the initial charge in the quad and then while trying to recharge, it’s always blinking red for hours and never turns green.

    • Thanks! I’m sorry to hear of the charging difficulties, that’s interesting. I’ve not experienced that. The initial charges did take a while, but never more than 1-2hrs. I would recommend calling their support line. I do wish they would have designed in a replaceable battery.

      • Yeah I reached out to them via email. I actually got this as a gift and it was shipped out from the States to Singapore via a freight forwarder. Hopefully there’s a fix. Non-removable LiPo batt is a bummer indeed.

        • It sounds to me that it’s defective, so I would certainly hope they’d warranty the product. Please let me know what the resolution is so folks who find this article and may have a similar issue can do the same.

          • Yeah they say it’s got a 90-day warranty which is really short tbh. I’ve read the reviews on Amazon and yeah there’s been several defective units out there.

            Because I’m out in Asia, shipping it back is expensive for me. I’m inclined to try and undo the glue and have a look at the battery circuitry.

            Thing is the controller blinks red which indicates it’s charging but the battery won’t accept a charge, whether it’s via batteries or USB.

          • I can imagine shipping would be really expensive, that’s a bummer! Well, if you do cut into it, the battery is on the bottom. You can kind of see it’s location through the 4 square vent holes in each of the prop ducts. Just be careful doing so and don’t puncture the battery!

          • So I wrestled with AirHogs via email and after a Skype call with their customer support hotline, I was able to diagnose and prove to them that the unit definitely wouldn’t charge on either batteries or USB.

            They didn’t require me to send in the unit since it was defective and were going to write it off.

            They got me to properly ‘disable’ the unit and send them proof in the form of a photo and a handwritten note which I totally understand and complied with.

            They then dispatched a replacement unit which I am happy to report is flying and charging properly.

          • Nice! I’m glad they took care of it for you. Thanks also for reporting back here for those who catch this article.

        • I did talk with customer service and they said 45 min. Charge time. You do want to let it cool down before charging.

  2. Oh thanks for the heads-up on the location of the battery. I wonder if it’s cylindrical in shape cos that would be hard to find at electronic stores. Being a LiPo batt, should I still worry about a puncture? I’m pretty confident a replacing of the battery would do the trick!

    • It is a square lipo which are sealed within a light weight foil type of covering. If you puncture it (it’s not in a hard case) you run the risk of it catching fire, no joke. So, do be careful!

    • Hi Wilfred,

      Am from Singapore too but am in the states now. You will probably be able to buy a replacement batt from sim lim tower in sg. They have a few shops that specialize in all sorts of batts.

  3. Does anyone know the battery size on this. I thought i noticed 400mha 20c some place but i cant find it. Also is it a single cell or double cell battery? I am getting tempted to get a few extra batteries and add a connector.

  4. I have issues with charging also. My daughters received on Christmad day, by the next day no charge. It blinks red former hours and doesn’t work. I replaced the batteries twice between charging. I’m guessing many of them are faulty. Disappointing.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I would definitely bring it up with airhogs especially since it’s new. They should replace it I would expect. I assume that you are using the usb cable and an external power source when charging?

  5. so to replace the battery to this polymer battery you need a different battery charger battery about 4.00 dollars and a charger 26.00 dollars an still need to be able to hook up to a car battery 12 volt so 30.00 plus shipping and handling so $ 45.00 is this right that 1/2 of what I gave for it

    • Unfortunately yeah. I have the charger based on my other Rc stuff. That said, you should be able to use the stock charging setup, it’ll just take longer to charge. Probably closer to two hours as a guess.

  6. Hi I got one for Christmas and it has for the most part been fine but recently it hasn’t been flying as well. We hypothesized it was because the back left propeller is bent or broken in some way. Pls halp

    • Is there any visible damage to the rotors? Also is there any audible difference in rpm you can tell from the rotors? Also, what do you mean when you say it hasn’t been doing as well?

      • No not that I can see. The back left starts about a second later than the others when you rev it. It doesn’t fly because I will try to I controll it left but it will just continue to go straight

        • Hmm, interesting. It’s possible the motor may be the issue on the one giving you problems. How old is the quad? It may be worth contacting AirHogs about it. They replaced one of the other guys who’ve commented here which had a battery issue.

  7. Hi! I just got my air hogs MF a few hours ago and i have a couple of issues with it.

    1) The remote only remains on when it’s plugged to a power source via usb.

    2) After charging, the MF itself blinks for about 5 minutes then just shuts down. No steady lights. No ignition sound. Suffice to say, no flight so far.

    Anyone have a similar experience?

    Appreciate the help in advance!

    • Hmm, that’s odd. No flashing green light when turning on the controller separate from a power source? The order for powering on should be controller first and then the falcon. From there the two should automatically bind. When they bind, then the flashing lights in the falcon will become solid and you should then have control of it. If that’s not happening, check your battery polarity in the controller just in case. Otherwise, I’d take it back to the store and exchange it for a different one.

  8. I love this thing, but what’s started happening is that the rear right rotor is sticky, it will actually shut down the quad. It won’t fly level because of this. I have thought of giving the roter a little shot of WD-40. Any thoughts?

    • That’s really interesting. Make sure that the rotor isn’t binding at all. I think they are a press fit (I haven’t double checked this). If they are, then sometimes they can get pressed down too hard and bind up the motor.

    • I’ve found that stray long hairs will stop the rotors working – pop the rotor off the motor carefully and remove any hair or anything else that might be there. If there was hair there, that’ll stop it flying properly, and possibly at all.

  9. when I turn it on after all green charged, both white and blue lights blink for 2-3 minutes then turn off. what’s up with that?

    • Are you turning on the transmitter first and then turning on the quad? When the transmitter is on, the light will flash green. When you verify that, then turn the quad on. I’ve found that if the transmitter sits on for a while, it won’t connect to the quad but if it’s all started up fresh it does connect.

  10. Hello, i am from argentina. Is there any tutorial to unblock the propellers? The two rights propelles sims to be blocked, so the falcon doesnt fly well. Thank u

    • They just pop off the motor – be careful and make sure you pull the rotor straight up from the middle so as not to bend the motor spindle or bend the blades, clear out any obstruction (hair is common for me) and push the rotor back on the spindle

    • Pablo, the rotors simply press on so remove the rotors in question and clean up anything that may be underneath there. Otherwise, the motors themselves could be the issue.

  11. Roters are loaded with hair, tried to gentle pry them off to remove hair and CANNOT get the darn things off are there any tricks?

    • You have to pull pretty hard to unlock them from the shafts. If you get your fingers underneath a couple of the rotors at the root and pull straight up, it should pull off.

      • Got the propellers off (smooth steady upward pressure, falcon on the table, I stood over it) and cleaned all hair out. Replaced the propellers and we are back in business. Initially, I accidentally swaped propellers and the Falcon would not lift off. Switched propellers to proper placement and flew perfect. Thank you so much for the help.

    • I grabbed one of these recently and it appears that the rotors are a press on fit. They’re a really tight fit, so I recommend trying to get a screwdriver underneath the post of the rotor to pop it free so it will slide off the shaft. I plan on doing a review on it, so will make sure I touch on that in the review.

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